SienteLes first sessions: Parties, leisure and lesbian culture in Uviéu/Oviedo

Two Thursdays a month we will meet in the pub Les Tres Roses of Oviedo with active, healthy, fun and cultural activities organized by the girls of XEGA XOVEN.

We want to know, have fun, and so forge closer networks that we lack... To be one of many, to speak in person, to mingle and, incidentally, learn thousand new worlds!

The evening of Thursday, September 10, 2015 we will have a special selection of music from female artists, icebreaker games, a raffle of erotic toys, laughing and whatever comes!

Come to the Otero neighborhood, recapture your space and meet people like you under/over/next to/in the rainbow.

On this day women only entry is allowed, without this meaning that love less our guys. We just need a our space, a space that is not available to us otherwise.... Let's see how it works, let's see if we like it, and then we'll know if it's important or not.

More information on Facebook and Twitter.

Les Tres Roses pub is located on Otero Street #3, Uviéu/Oviedo.