XEGA also demonstrate against sexist violences on #7N

On November 7, 2015, at 13:00, women, men and groups around the Spanish state manifest together in Madrid to demand that the fight against sexist violences will be taken as a matter of the State.

XEGA, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colective of Asturias, was joined this march. Together with its organizers, XEGA invited civil society to participate in it because the eradication of sexist violences is an issue that involves us all.

Buses and trains from Asturies

Numerous Asturian entities chartered buses to go down to Madrid on Saturday seven. The Youth Councils of Asturies, the Feminist Platform of Asturies and Muyeres En Llucha of the Corriente Sindical d'Izquierdes (CSI) was some.

Discounts for XEGA activists

XEGA activists who was interested can get a discount of €5.00 on the ticket round trip (€15.00 instead of €20.00) on the bus chartered by Muyeres En Llucha of the CSI. Schedules, route, and contacts in the following image:


Appointments in Madrid

  • Asturian collectives was concentrated at 11:00 AM in front of the Embassy of Latvia, 52 Alfonso XII Street.
  • LGBT+ groups was concentrated at 11:30 AM in front of Caixa Fórum, 36 Paseo del Prado.

XEGA's banner






The feminist movement claims male chauvinistic violences represents the most violent manifestation of gender inequality and entails the most serious violation of women's Rights suffered by our society.

Since 1995, 1,378 women have been killed by male chauvinist terrorism. So far, this year, 70 femicides and other killings of women by men have been accounted for; only during the summer of 2015, 37 women and eight minors have been killed by their partners, fathers or their mothers’ partners. Women and children suffer patriarchal violence in different forms, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In recent years we have suffered systematic cutbacks in overall public services, sexual and reproductive rights, and in specialized resources in the area of Violence Against Women; we have also undergone a step back in abortion rights for 16 and 17 year old minors. Patriarchal culture blames us while society, the mass media and public authorities turn a blind eye to misogynistic and anti feminist myths.

The feminist movement believes that the violences we suffer in different environments takes place in a society that tolerates inequality and undermines the credibility and authority of women. Male chauvinism sustains our depreciation, the objectification of our bodies and the failure to respect our decisions. Likewise, these aggressions are inseparable from those suffered by people who do not meet hegemonic masculinity.

Therefore, the feminist movement calls for a March Against Male Chauvinist Violences the 7th of November to demand:
  • The fight against male chauvinist terrorism be a matter of State.
  • The development and implementation of the Istanbul Convention, the compliance with the recommendations of the CEDAW and Law 1/2004 be reformed so that all forms of violence against women are reflected in it all of society, its organizations and institutions engage in this fight.
  • The fight and resources not only include the violence exercised by partners or former partners, but also sexual assault, sexual harassment in the workplace, trafficking for sexual/labour exploitation of women and girls, and all kinds of male chauvinist violences.
  • All levels of Government be truly committed to the prevention and eradication of male violences, as well as to the assistance and redress for all women exposed to violence, regardless of the administrative situation in which women are.
  • The emphasis is placed on the protection of the affected women, enabling different outlets that involve a living, economic and social recovery for them and their children.
  • Prevention be a political priority, including a coeducational system at all levels and specific training in the fight against male violences for all professional staff involved in the process, the media, cultural circles and civil society.
  • The commitment of the media to adequately cover different types of male violences, calling attention to them, avoiding morbid sensationalism in their treatment and using gender-neutral language and images.
  • The removal of joint custody and enforced visitation to children of convicted abusers, the withdrawal and impediment of transfer of custody to abusers.
It is time to finally become aware that male chauvinism kills and makes the required coexistence in a democracy impossible.

We are here today to call on every person, every institution, every political party and every Government to not be accomplices in this brutality.

Half of humanity has to be able to get on with our lives, we cannot allow even one more murder.